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Automatic Universal SSD Solutions in South Africa +27735257866 Zambia,Zimbabwe,Botswana,Lesotho,Swaziland,Tanzania,Namibia,Kenya,Egypt,UAE,USA,UK,Turkey,China

Цена 1800лв.
Марка/Модел ssd chemical
Категория Аксесоари
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Име mbuga
Телефон 27735257866
E-mail sheikhmbuga5@gmail.com
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Automatic Universal SSD Solutions in South Africa +27735257866 Zambia,Zimbabwe,Botswana,Lesotho,Swaziland,Somalia,Namibia,Qatar,Egypt,UAE,USA,UK,Turkey,Hong Kong,DRC,China,Ethiopia,Eritrea,Sudan,Morocco,Brunei,Japan,Algeria,Philippines,Thailand,Tunisia,Kenya,Tanzania,Spain,Italy,The Bahamas,Taiwan,Indonesia,Singapore,Czech Republic,Serbia,Palau,Lithuania,Malaysia,Myanmar,Kuwait,Fiji,Jordan,Yemen,Bahrain...The SSD solution in its full range is the BEST CHEMICAL on the market for cleaning Anti breeze bank notes defaced currency marked notes and the likes. You will be amazed by the power and rapidity of this CHEMICAL. It is capable of cleaning notes currency with BREEZE capacity. We Stock limited SSD Solution for cleaning the ANTI-BREEZE BANK NOTE or the Black Money . Chemicals Consulting Network Laboratory is a multi-program International Laboratory Operated By Worldwide Science Associates For the U.S. Swiss Sweden And United Kingdom Department of Currency DOC. We has approximately 200 professional scientists staffs engineers technicians support staffs and over 1000 guest researchers annually.We offer machines for large cleaning and also deliver products to any location desired by buyers AFRICA EUROPE ASIA USA AUSTRALIA ETC.... Contact Details C.C.N: WE ALSO SALE CHEMICALS LIKE SSD AUTOMATIC SOLUTION FORM CLEANING BLACK DOLLARS CURRENCIES. https://paparazaq.blogspot.com http://bestssdchemicalsolution.over-blog.com Call Or Whatsapp On +27735257866 Email: sheikhmbuga5@gmail.com Web: http://mbugassdsolution.website2.me